[ETCETERA] The Dog Days of Spring

I didn’t write a post last month and was on the verge of missing my June deadline too.

It’s so easy to get buried by life sometimes.

For me it was a flurry of little things. Not all of them negative, but still… Enough of them and it can really take a toll on your schedule.

There was the push to get a publisher for Blowback, my day-job fluctuation, possible interest in a script, a friend’s injury, the death of a refrigerator, surgery on my dog’s paw, a Sisyphean attempt to clean the garage, and – of course – a trip to Batuu.

Time was definitely not on my side.

So this month, instead of my usual witty (yes, witty) musings, I give you a picture of my dog, Jojo, after he came home from his aforementioned procedure.

(He’s still rehabbing now, but feeling much better, thanks)

Sometimes life can get away from you. The dog days of spring as illustrated by Westie and Cairn Mix Terrier, Jojo.
An adorably dazed Jojo (photo courtesy of his mommy, Rhonda Smiley)

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