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[IN THE TRENCHES] Rhonda Smiley: Novel Screenwriter

My frequent collaborator, Rhonda Smiley, has been a working screenwriter for years, both as a solo scribe and in partnerships. As one of the many little-known, but prolific, creatives in the business, she’s written dozen of hours of television, including shows like High … Continue reading

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We all love merch.  Stuff.  It’s hard to leave a concert or game without picking up a t-shirt or cap, maybe a giant foam finger. How else will everyone know you were there? We’re even compelled to bring home water … Continue reading

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Collaboration.  Not an easy thing to accomplish effectively, but the entire entertainment business is built around the concept, so it’s better to embrace the notion than to fight it. Seriously, you can’t fight it.  I’ve tried. Sure, some other art … Continue reading

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[THE MAKING OF] Sight & Sound Film and “Nightmare Mosaic”

Ah, film school.  I imagine it’s a lot different today than when I went through it.  For one – we shot and edited with actual film. Not quite chiseling on stone tablets, thankfully, but an entirely different experience than capturing on … Continue reading

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[IN THE TRENCHES] I’ll Get Around To This

Let me open by saying I was initially hoping to have this ready to post last week. Well, I may not be on time, but at least I’m on theme. Procrastination.  It’s quite the beast, really.  It can easily eat … Continue reading

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[SPOTLIGHT] Kuu Kuu Harajuku

Let me get this out of the way right at the top.  I’ve never met Gwen Stefani. Nevertheless, Rhonda Smiley and I have been writing on her show for a while now, and it premieres in the U.S. on Nickelodeon … Continue reading

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[THE MAKING OF] Drawing Conclusions. And Comics.

Before movie and television writing became my focus, my creative outlet of choice was drawing.  Like most kids, I guess.  It’s kind of mandatory coursework in the early schooling phases, alongside Introduction to Napping and Paste Eating 101. For me, though, it … Continue reading

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[THE NETWORK] The Stinky & Dirty Show

Fellow screenwriter, Guy Toubes, and I both went to NYU together. But as far as I know we never met there.  We had a lot of mutual friends, though, which is how we eventually connected out in Los Angeles after we … Continue reading

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