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So I started writing my first novel. It won’t be part of any future school curriculum. Well, probably not, anyway.  It’s not that kind of novel. It’s a fun novel.  An adventure novel. You know, for kids. While I’m on … Continue reading

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[THE MAKING OF] San Diego Comic-Con 2017

As I roamed the crowded aisles of the San Diego Comic-Con, handing out Blowback bookmarks to the distracted and confused, the electricity in the air was both alluring and intimidating. The ultimate goal is to be here in our very … Continue reading

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[THE MAKING OF] Sight & Sound Film and “Nightmare Mosaic”

Ah, film school.  I imagine it’s a lot different today than when I went through it.  For one – we shot and edited with actual film. Not quite chiseling on stone tablets, thankfully, but an entirely different experience than capturing on … Continue reading

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[THE MAKING OF] Drawing Conclusions. And Comics.

Before movie and television writing became my focus, my creative outlet of choice was drawing.  Like most kids, I guess.  It’s kind of mandatory coursework in the early schooling phases, alongside Introduction to Napping and Paste Eating 101. For me, though, it … Continue reading

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[THE MAKING OF] Origin Story

So here it is at last.  My first blog post. Should probably be some sort of an intro. Appetizer.  An amuse-bouche, for all you Food Network addicts out there. Which reminds me.  I didn’t have breakfast yet. I’ll just be a … Continue reading

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