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[ETCETERA] Comic-Con is a Lot

It’s already been a couple of months, but I still haven’t quite recovered. Sure, the San Diego Comic-Con is a cool place.  A fascinating place. But it’s a lot. A lot of people, a lot of walking, and a hell … Continue reading

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[ETCETERA] You’re Out of Order!

When you see movies (and in what particular order) has a lot to do with what year you were born.  Sometimes you’re too young.  Sometimes you don’t even know what you’re missing, until much later. I saw Staying Alive before … Continue reading

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[ETCETERA] Final Fantasy (FCL Update)

This is a follow-up to my previous post about the Fantasy Casting League.  You can click on the link to get up-to-speed as to what the hell I’m talking about before going any further. Or, if you prefer to work … Continue reading

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[ETCETERA] It’s Just a Fantasy (oh-oh-oh-oh)

Like most people, I have a good amount of friends who are all but consumed by Fantasy Football or Baseball.  I’ve even been invited to join them a few times, but I had to pass. It’s all just too much. … Continue reading

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